Edmonton currently has 153 Foreclosures & Estate Sales available. Of which around 111 are Foreclosures.

31 SOLD in December 2021 – Down slightly from November, as we headed into 2022 .

The prices ranged in the past 30 days from $46k sale price for a one bedroom condo, up to $960K for a Valleyview Home in Parkview, once listed at $1.5M.

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  1. kcare32@aol.com says:

    Hi Josh, just thought I wld fwd this Realtors recent info he sent of this advertisment he had done up. It’s unreal, says can get a 1bdr condo as low as 46,000. Ttys, Love Mom. 

  2. kcare32@aol.com says:

    Oops sorry meant to send last email to my son, lol, all good. 🙂

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